Michele Noonan Big Brother 11 Star in Playboy New Reality Show

Michele Noonan Big Brother 11 Star in Playboy New Reality Show – Michele Noonan is Playboy’s Foursome reality show star. If you are fond of reality television, you probably recognize her from “Big Brother’s” 11th season. In the new uncensored show she will be causing quite a commotion because the entire cast will be appearing on the camera nude. It is truly pushing reality television to the next level, and broadening the spectrum of things that are alright to do on television.

Foursome is the type of show that will either have you glued to your television set, or will force you to turn the channel. Admittedly, it is not for everyone. But that doesn’t mean that the show will not find an audience of people that enjoy that type of thing and take off. It will certainly garner a lot of press and attention throughout its first season.

It was confirmed that Noonan had signed on by TMZ. They also said that I Love New York’s Jason Rosell and Flavor of Love’s Pumpkin will be appearing on the program. It will make for an interesting cast and a lot of drama as the contestants pose in front of the camera nude.

Michele Noonan recently was in the media after she gave a steamy lesbian kiss to Lydia Taverna.
So what is your verdict? Is the show pushing it too far? Should this kind of thing be allowed on television? At the very least it will be an interesting watch when nothing else is on.

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