Michael Ventrella The Biggest Loser 2010 Winner

Michael Ventrella

Michael Ventrella The Biggest Loser 2010 Winner – Michael Ventrella recently won the weight loss reality television show, “The Biggest Loser.” He was able to shade over 50% of his previous body weight, falling from 526 pounds, all the way down to 262 pounds, accounting for a loss of 264 pounds during his time on the program. He was also able to bring home the $250,000 prize for his victory on the show.
“Being at 526, you have no hope for a future. I knew that I was going to give it my all. I knew I would be relentless at my efforts, but I have surpassed my wildest dreams,” Michael said regarding his weight loss.

His time on the ranch ended awhile ago, and back then he was still in the 300’s. Since leaving the ranch, Michael has been able to drastically reduce his weight, and currently weighs just over 260 pounds. Michael will likely need a fair amount of plastic surgery if he would like to return his body and skin to a more normal state, as much of his weight likely is from mass amounts of excess skin that are leftover from his wild weight loss.

Ventrella said that he had originally thought that the biggest challenge would be to continue his workout regime when he returned home. He would say that he didn’t have a problem with that, but rather that he had a hard time being understood.
“They don’t know the commitment and the hard work I am putting in. They think that I am home and it’s the old Mike and party time, but now that is not the case. I now live an active lifestyle.”
He had previously worked as a mobile DJ, but has since said that he will likely not be able to return to that job if he would like to keep the weight off. Ventrella will likely look for a job that will allow him to stay active and to keep the weight off.

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