Michael J. Fox Good Wife Guest Star

Michael J. Fox Good Wife Guest Star – Michael J. Fox is an excellent actor, especially an excellent comedic actor. He has wowed audiences for decades, even after his diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease began to take a serious toll on his health. He has also gained a great deal of respect for his work in his non-profit organization focused on helping those with the condition.

Now, CBS is announcing that he is set to appear as a guest star in the second season of the popular law show The Good Wife. His character will be a hard-hitting litigator who uses his neurological condition to score sympathy with the jury for his client, the evil Big Pharmaceuticals.

Fox has won five Emmy’s for his great performances in Family Ties, Spin City, and for a guest appearance on the amazing drama Rescue Me. He will be in good company, as he joins a show for a short role that has already gotten three Emmy acknowledgments in its’ first season.

What we don’t yet know is whether or not Fox will be attending the Back to the Future convention, which is set to take place in November. It will be sure to draw in a large crowd, as it remains one of the most popular science fiction trilogies of all time.

Despite his condition, Fox is able to work, mostly on voice work. He occasionally guest stars in television comedies, such as when he appeared as a doctor with severe OCD in the television hit Scrubs.

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