Michael Grimm America’s Got Talent Winner 2010

Michael Grimm America’s Got Talent Winner 2010 – The fifth season of America’s Got Talent recently concluded with a stunning upset that put soul singer Michael Grimm ahead of Jackie Evancho, the 10-year old opera singer.

Although Evancho had been a favorite to win for weeks now, Grimm pulled ahead and won the hearts of the viewers, who’s voting put him through to the top. Although he describes himself as “just a boy from Mississippi”, he’s repeatedly shown that he has great talent and can carry a show all by himself.

Grimm won $1 million in prize money, which he says he will use to help his grandparents rebuild their home after Hurricane Katrina destroyed everything they had. He also won the headlining spot on the national tour of the show, as well as a performing spot in Las Vegas.

Evancho will be featured on the “Tonight Show” on Thursday evening. Although many people expected her to win, it is a sure bet that she will make her way on her own without winning the competition.

The top four contestants performed with popular artists on the reveal show, which included Prince Poppycock performing with Donna Summer; Grimm singing with Jewel, Evancho sang a duet with Sarah Brightman, and Fighting Gravity performing to Lionel Richie.

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