Michael C. Hall Cancer-Free Working on Dexter Season 5

Michael C. Hall Cancer-Free Working on Dexter Season 5 – Michael C. Hall is reportedly cancer free, and will be getting back to work on “Dexter,” his popular television series about a serial killer. He announced earlier this year that he was battling cancer, and would have to postpone his involvement in the popular series. It now appears that he has beaten the disease, and will be filming the next season of the show her soon.

“I count myself lucky on so many fronts – and certainly in regards to the Hodgkin’s lymphoma,” Hall said in a statement. He went on to say that he considered it to be a gift to return back to work, and that the best thing about his whole ordeal is that the problem emerged at the end of last season.

He was able to treat the disease while the series was on hiatus, and said that it did not really interrupt their scheduled filming for the show. Had he not been able to return, his disease would have negatively affected lives of the cast and crew.
Hall’s wife said that it was amazing to see the amount of support that he received. Executive producer of “Dexter,” Chip Johannessen, said that everyone was very worried about him, and are very happy that everything turned out alright.
It will be interesting to see how his ordeal changes the course of the show. Hall certainly will have a new outlook on life, but will we see that outlook bleed into his character on “Dexter?”

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