Melissa & Joey Season 1 Episode 7: Watch Up Close & Personal Online S01E07

Melissa & Joey Season 1 Episode 7: Watch Up Close & Personal Online S01E07 – Melissa & Joey Season 1 Episode 7 called “Up Close & Personal” which was directed by David Trainer and written by Miriam Trogdon aired last night on the ABC Family network.

Before getting to “Up Close & Personal” let us talk about the previous installment a bit.
In last week’s episode of “Melissa and Joey,” Joey seems to be a bit out of place. He forgot a number of obligations that he made to his children, sneaked a number of women into his house, and generally left Melissa in the dark throughout the episode.

Melissa brought her assistant home during the day only to find Joey with two drinks in his hand and attempting to hide a woman in the basement. Joey pretended that the woman was a distant cousin of his, but Melissa suspected that Joey had started dating again and started to make fun of him. As the episode went on, Joey became increasingly interested and preoccupied with seeing the mystery woman, becoming less involved with the kids. This concerned Melissa, who decided that she was going to confront him.

She found out that Joe and Tessa, the new woman, had a few things in common after a lengthy investigation into her past. They both had money stolen from them by Mel’s brother in law to the tune of millions. They have been tracking him around the world in an attempt to get their money back and are not actually dating one another.
Melissa eventually confronted Joe on the matter, who was straight forward with her about his plans.
Instead of resolving this plotline ,last night the writers decided to focus on Mel trying to make amends with mother nature and animal activists after killing a duck – so she went out of her way to raise money for
two animal shelters.
Too bad for her that during the big television announcements about the shelters she was never mentioned therefore missed out on the publicity.So Mel got a journalist over so she can brag about her great work with the animal shelter but the reporter hasted the story and wanted to focus on the Ponzi scheme instead.
As if that was not bad enough Joey fell head over heels for the media personality but when he discovered that she planned to do a story on Mel that would kill her career he convinced her to do otherwise.
Mel was pleased to discover what Joey did and was glad that they had feelings for each other- sadly by the end of the episode she found out that she was wrong because she caught him kissing the reporter.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Melissa & Joey Episode 7.

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