Max Page: Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial Darth Vader on Today Show

Even though no one had seen his face, 6-year old Max Page has become an overnight sensation for the Volkswagon commercial he recently starred in.

The advertisement features Page dressed as Darth Vader from ‘Star Wars’, attempting to use the force on numerous things in his household, including the dog.

The only object he gets a reaction from, however, is the 2012 Volkswagon Passat in the driveway that his dad starts with a remote.

Page was recently featured on the ‘Today’ show with his mother, Jennifer Page.

The pint-sized actor has been in a few other commercials, as well as a small role on “The Young and the Restless”. However, when he began filming the ad, they had no idea that it was destined to air during the SuperBowl.

“It wasn’t until halfway through the first day of filming” that their family found out the big news, said Page’s mother. She went on to say that the entire family was simply “thrilled”.

Tim Ellis, the vice president of marketing for Volkswagon of America, said, “He took directions so well. As we were filming it, I could see it was going to be iconic.”

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