MasterChef Winner – Who Won MasterChef Finale 2010?

MasterChef Winner – Who Won MasterChef Finale 2010? – The finale of “Masterchef” aired last night, with all of the contestants doing their best over the course of the last few weeks it was a bit hard to guess who the winner would be. Some had speculated that there would be a huge upset on the way, just like previously when Sharone, who was an excellent cook who at times was short on the knowledge of the basics (deboning fish), was thought to have a real shot at winning the title of “Masterchef.”
David Miller has been consistent throughout the competition but has never really been able to stand out from his opponents. Currently working as a software engineer in Massachusetts, Miller is hoping that he will be able to win.
Whitney Miller, who is not related to David, surprised many with her excellent cooking ability. She has become a fan favorite, and many expect her to win the competition. She has natural instincts when it comes to the food that she knows how to make, but has shown that she has trouble adjusting.
Lee Knaz is a bartender and has two individual wins in the competition. He has been a better than average chef throughout the show, but many wonder if he has what it takes to win.
Then there is Sheetal Bhagat, a Chicago teacher who has been under the radar throughout the show. She is an above average chef who has been able to impress the judges repeatedly throughout the course of the season.

After all was said and done little student who had decided to put her studies on pause and who drooped her dish was picked as the winner of the competition.

Whitney Miller, 22, may have had to recook her country fried chicken dish in just seven minutes after it fell during the big finale but she managed to impress Gordon Ramsay with her corncake ,turnip green pesto, country fried chicken and a white chocolate bread pudding and will therefore be taking home $250,000.

Poor David Miller from Boston- he was not able to make Ramsay fall in love with his scallop ceviche, beef wellington and nectarine crepe.

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