Mary Hart Replaced by Lara Spencer

Mary Hart Replaced by Lara Spencer – Mary Hart, the longtime hostess of “Entertainment Tonight,” will be stepping down from her position with the show, according to a number of recent reports. She has been hosting the show for nearly 30 years, and will be stepping down in September at the age of 59. She will not be hosting the upcoming season of the show. A number of people have been mentioned as potential suitors to replace her, including Lara Spencer of “the Insider.”

Hart seemed like a robot throughout her early years in the way that she hosted the program, but has grown into one of the best hostesses on television. Her broadcaster-perfect vocal style has kept her on the air this long, and now she gets to leave on her own terms.

Some have suggested that an actress could potentially take her position and host the show. While that would be interesting, it is unlikely that the show would move away from their broadcasting style.
Mary Hart is an irreplaceable in entertainment, and it will be interesting to see how well the show continues to perform after she is gone. With so many potential suitors for the position, there will likely be many vying for the opportunity to become the next longtime hostess of “Entertainment Tonight.”

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