Mark Moses Desperate Housewives Return:Paul Young Is Back

Mark Moses desperate

Mark Moses Desperate Housewives Return:Paul Young Is Back – One of the bad guys who used to be featured on the show “Desperate Housewives” might be making an appearance back onto Wisteria Lane once again. It’s rumored that next season, Paul Young played by Mark Moses will be back onto the show as a widower once again. Ew’s Michael Ausiello was first to report on the welcoming rumor.
Paul was once married to Mary Alice on the show but the last time he was featured on Desperate Housewives was way back in Season 3. His role then was just to play out his sentencing for murder. He didn’t kill anyone buthe was facing murder chargers even though he proclaimed his innocence.

However, we know that Mark could have very easily killed Martha Huber if he had wanted to. Every since Moses left Desperate Housewives he’s been serving a part as Sterling Cooper as an ad man for “Mad Men.”
Reports from EW are saying that Moses will be returning on a “full time basis.” This is good news for those that are big fans. His part will begin next season and his presence might mean that his son, Zach might be returning. Zach is actually the son of Mike Delfino played by James Denton on the show.

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