Marion Jones Oprah Post-prison Interview

Marion Jones Oprah Post-prison Interview – Marion Jones appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” today, where she told the usual lies about the drug use that landed her in jail and got her stripped of her medals.The runner said:

“I thought I was taking a supplement,.Never knowingly did I take performance-enhancing drugs.” “I thought everyone on that track (in Sydney) was drug-free, including myself,
“I apologize for my actions to lie to federal prosecutors and I apologize for having to put everybody through all of this.’’

Oprah asked if she felt the effects of the THG.Jones replied by:

“Yes and no.” “There were moments I felt I had more energy on the track.”

The TV host questioned her on if did she ever wondered whether she had won because of the drug.She replied by:

“There are moments I will go through the races in my mind and ask myself, ‘If you hadn’t been given The Clear, do you think you would have won or ran fast?’ I usually answer yes. I still think I would have won but just the fact there is question mark, to me it is not fair for anyone I ran against or the women I ran with on the relays.”

Jones concluded with the following emotional plea:

“I didn’t love myself enough to tell the truth. I have hidden behind my obvious talent for much of my life for fear that the weak, sad, hurt and vulnerable Marion would emerge and ruin the plan for my life.”

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