Mario Batali Sued

Days after he was awarded a fourth star by the New York Times, the Mario Batali led restaurant Del Posto is dealing with a lawsuit that was filed by 27 workers who claim that they were not paid a legal wage when they worked for the establishment. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Manhattan federal court by a number of waiters, busboys, and other members of the restaurant staff. The lawsuit claims that the restaurant management purposely and improperly pooled workers tips in violation of state labor laws and illegally withheld tips that were from both wine and cheese sales within the restaurant.

The same workers, who received praise from the New York Times just a few short weeks ago, are now fighting back. It is not often that a restaurant loses its four star rating, but if this case gets out of hand and the quality diminishes, we could be looking at a restaurant that is revoked of the privilege.

The Captains, who were the highest position on the waiting staff, were given six points of the tip money, while bartenders received five. Waiters only received four points and other staffers received even less on average.

It will be in interesting to find out the truth behind the statements. Did Mario Batali illegally withhold tips from his workers that helped him to receive a 4 star rating from the New York Times? It certainly would put a damper on the booming business. The lawsuit is seeking compensation for back pay, lawyers’ fees and other unspecified damages.

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