Maria Shriver Not Coming Back To TV

Now that she’s soon to be a free bird, Maria Shriver has been getting lots of offers from media types to return to her old job as a broadcaster.

However, Shriver now says she’s turning them down.

She may reconsider but she’s obviously waiting until the turmoil of her divorce has settled down. One can imagine the producers and executives and advertising people drooling at the mouth to snag Maria as a product.

She had a hot career in news and broadcasting before she married Arnold, but she tossed it away to take care of their children and be the first lady of California when Arnold became Governor.

Now that their marriage is over, Maria stands to haul in over $200 million of Arnold’s assets and make more if she writes a book.

Needless to say, Shriver is a hot property now and will be for some time. There’s no telling what awaits her in her new life but if she wants the news, talk show, gigs, book.

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