Marcus Wesson Crime Scene Photos on Family Secrets

Marcus Wesson Crime Scene Photos on Family Secrets – Just a mere six years ago, Fresno was the hometown to a horrifying mass murder that took place in the area. Marcus Wesson is on death row for the crime, he was proven guilty of charges regarding the killing of his nine children. Marcus killed the children he raised and watched grow since they were born. What is in the mind of such a mad man is still unknown. “Family Secrets” was the appropriately named title of the primetime special event which uncovered the stories of the Wesson family members who survived his rampage. This includes Marcus’ ex-wife Elizabeth who says he would have killed her two.

Elizabeth Wesson’s divorce from Marcus was only deemed official as little as two months ago. She says it was a good point in her life, a great closure to a horrible story. Marcus Wesson was part of her life since she was just 8-years-old. He was controlling, manipulative and deadly. She says that she never analyzed what happened and judged the impact that it has had on her life. “It feels like I’m coming out of a fog or something. It’s taken me time to get where I’m at, it really has.”
Elizabeth has five children that survived the attack from her ex-husband. All of them have been through horrific pain and are enduring tough times as they recall what happened with their father Marcus Wesson. Elizabeth says that she and her family began to talk with Jay Schadler, a correspondent that was able to help her cope with the pain and emotional abuse they have endured. “This is the first time ever they verbally expressed what they were going through. And It’s gonna be hard for me to watch. Very hard.”

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