Marc Cherry on Ending Desperate Housewives

Marc Cherry on Ending Desperate Housewives – The writer, producer, and the creator of the smash hit show Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry, has said that he is planning an end date for the show.
Desperate Housewives is due to start its seventh successful season. The show has become a global hit and has a huge fan base, many of whom will be devastated to hear of an ending. However they shouldn’t feel too sad because the Cherry is hoping that it will still be around for a few more seasons yet, giving fans a proper ending for the famous wives in suburbia.

It is planned that somebody is going to be taking over the desk job of Cherry during the seventh season as he is going to be working another pilot for ABC. Cherry did confirm that his new show would not be set in suburbia, so those hoping for a spin off will be disappointed.He said,
“I’ve got a contract that keeps me around ABC for a few more years. I hope [the show will be around] for a couple of more seasons, and my thing is I always will be executive producer and consultant on the show. It’s my baby. I can’t let go. I have control issues. They can’t totally get rid of me.”
Cherry also said in the interview that he would always be an executive producer and consultant on the show and he wouldn’t let anyone else do the job. He went on to add that it was a control thing, which is a fair comment considering he is the genius behind Desperate Housewives! If the previous seasons are anything to go by then fans can be sure to be treated with a great ending packed with drama and glamour in true Desperate Housewives style. Of course, this won’t be for a while yet, but it is sure to be something that should not be missed. Desperate Housewives” season 7 will premiere on September 26.

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