Make It or Break It Season 2 Episode 10: Watch Online S02E10

Make It or Break It Season 2 Episode 10: Watch Online S02E10 – Make It or Break It Season 2, Episode 10 called At the Edge of the Worlds aired last night on ABC Family.
This installment focused on an issue that touches millions of young people every year-anorexia.
The episode also highlighted the countless personal issues that the athletes are facing as one of their own battled one of her toughest fight up to date.
Here is what occurred in the episode:
-Payson makes the wrong move with Sasha last night.
The poor thing decided to follow her emotions and tried to kiss Sasha after nailing an artistic routine.Sasha was wise enough to push her away and avoiding the kiss.She was so embarrassed by her action that she ran out but the whole thing was caught on camera therefore will cause a scandal in season 3 of the hit series.

-The writers used this episode to draw awareness on eating disorders via Kaylie.
While filming Kaylie doing her vault, Austin realized how thin and feeble his sister was.
When he tried to get her to eat something ,she freaked out and Austin learnsed the truth about Kaylie-she was seriously struggling with anorexia.
This topic will be further developed in the upcoming season- I can assume we will follow Kaylie as she tires not over-train and to stop restricting her calorie intake which we know will be extremely difficult.

-If Emily’s current predicaments did not bring tears to your eyes then I have no idea what will.
The unlucky girl was forced to give back a portion of the fake endowment money to Steve and from there on her world came crumbling down at a very rapid paste.
After reaching home,she realized that there was no electricity seeing that the bills were not paid and she found out that Brian was about to have a seizure and had ran out of medication .
She rushed to a near by pharmacy who told her that brother’s medications were not covered by insurance. Not having the money to buy the drugs she stole them and was arrested.

Here is the recap of the episode:

The National Gymnastics Organization tells Sasha that he is not allowed to coach Kaylie, Lauren, or Emily, and Steve, as new President of the Parents Board, suspends him from The Rock. Summer almost forgets her commitment to abstinence before marriage, but Sasha refuses to let her change her beliefs for him. Emily’s court date and World Team trials conflict, so Damon calls his stepdad, with whom he has a very rough relationship, to see if he can help. The stepfather, Walter, says that he can and gets Emily a new court date, but the judge calls The Rock, and Ellen Beals convinces him not to move it. Emily skips her court date to go to World Team trials. Austin tries to convince Kaylie not to compete because of her anorexia, even going to Alex and Ronnie, but nothing works and he tells her that he is crazy about her. Steve finally tells Lauren that Leslie really did love her and that he was the one who kept her from going to Nationals. Kaylie passes out during her beam routine at the trials, but Austin catches her. Béla Károlyi guest stars as Sasha’s father, Dmitri, who goes to the World Trials to coach the Rock girls. Sasha takes Payson to the trials and makes the judges see Payson, the artistic gymnast. Cops show up at the trials to arrest Emily for not going to court, and Damon convinces them to let her finish her audition before taking her away. In the end, Lauren, Emily, and, by a surprise vote, Payson all make the World Team. Kaylie’s position on the team will be decided after doctors examine her to see if she is healthy enough to continue; if she is not, she loses her spot on the World Team and the National Team. The last shot is of Sasha driving away in his truck with his trailer attached to the back.

Overall it was a pretty solid finale with enough intriguing storylines to wet out appetites for the upcoming season.
It will be interesting to see how all of the characters evolve and handle their dramas.
What will happen to Sasha and Payson?
Is Emily going to jail?
If she does end up in jail what will happen to Brian?
How many lies will Kaylie tell to hide her eating problems?
What will be the consequences of her illness?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Make It or Break It Season 2 Episode 10.

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