Mad Men Season 4 Premiere:Watch Episode 1 Public Relations Online S04E01

Mad Men Season 4 Premiere:Watch Episode 1 Public Relations Online S04E01 – ‘Mad Men,’ season 4, episode 1, called “Public Relations” which was directed by Phil Abraham and written by Matthew Weiner aired last night on AMC. After a very long break, “Mad Men” returned with a lot of Don Draper, a lot of smoking, a lot drama and lots of ads as always. This episode took place Thanksgiving week in November of 1964 and we discovered the many personalities/facades of Mr Draper:

-The man named Don thanks to Roger’s wife, Jane went on a date with a young lady named Bethany who looked like a younger Betty where they had Chicken Kiev, wine and shared a kiss goodnight.

Of course Don wanted more that night but young woman refused telling him that if it meant to be they would meet again on New Year’s and see where is goes from there.

Continuing with man/divorcee named Don we later discovered that he had a thing for hookers who slapped the sh*t out of him during intercourse. We can blame his passion for S&M on his harsh beginnings.

-Don the father who was facing countless personal issues was still a loving dad who spent the day with his kids and is forced to wait for Henry and Betty for one whole hour when he brought them home at 9 as she precisely asked him to do.

-Don the boss bailed Peggy out by giving her the $200 that she needed to get an actress (Peggy and Peter paid two ladies to fight for ham for marketing purposes that worked brilliantly) out of jail but coldly let her know that she was not wanted in the room when he was ready to make a presentation for the Jantzen bathing suit ad – which he screwed up by the way.

-As for Don the Creative Director of his business -he did what ever he liked and learned that it did not always work-but then again maybe this was the plan since the begin.
Maybe he did orchestrate the whole show down to prove a point.

Here is the plot of the installment:

After more than 11 months since his divorce, Don’s secretive ways lead to the cancellation of an interview with a major newspaper which would have thrust the new agency into the spotlight; the copywriters struggle with a bathing suit account; Pete and Peggy work together to secure money from a client; Roger attempts to find Don a girlfriend.

Overall it was very good episode where once more Don has so much going on that we barely have time to notice the other people around him. Like Betty who is still clinging to the past by holding on the house. Henry’s mother is nastier than Don. Peggy is more confident than before. Roger is writing a book and is drinking more. One thing is for sure, the Don we have known before is no more.

This new man is much darker, he is man of swift action with a boat load of secrets one scarier/freakier than the other.

Here are few scenes that stood out:

-The episode-ending interview with The Wall Street Journal where Don talked about the little upstart ad agency that clashed with Jantzen to take over two floors of the Time-Life building.
-Betty forcing the food down Sally’s mouth.
-The Jantzen ad with a headline in a black strip over a model’s breasts with the line “So well built we can’t show you the second floor.”
-Peggy and Joey saying “John And Marsha.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Mad Men season 4 premiere.

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