Mad Men Season 4 Episode 9: Watch The Beautiful Girls Online S04E09

Mad Men Season 4 Episode 9: Watch The Beautiful Girls Online S04E09 – Mad Men Season 4 Episode 9 called “The Beautiful Girls” which was directed by Michael Uppendahl and written by Dahvi Waller and Matthew Weiner aired last night on AMC.
This episode dealt with the various women who find themselves in contact with Don whether they like it or not.
In “The Beautiful Girls” once more Sally stole the spotlight in a very powerful way -even Mrs. Blankenship’s unexpected death could not stop us from following this preteen’s behavior.
The little girl was brought to her dad’s office by a complete stranger who found her on a train all by herself trying to run away.

The elderly woman who found the kid refused Don’s money and thank you’s hoping to make him understand that he was a bad parent-but failed to get her message through.Sally made it clear that she hated her mother and no longer wanted to be with her.
Don being the bad father that he is -asked his new flame Faye to bring Sally to his apartment and keep her company until he was done with a client – the Filmore Auto Parts brothers who refused to hire blacks in their stores in the south.

Meanwhile Peggy who has been seeing a lot of her lesbian friend Joyce (Zosia Mamet) along with Abe Drexler pushed her to realized the unpleasant facts about her new client’s discriminatory business practices despite the fact that she was too busy lamenting about not being heard as a woman in the work place.

Joan had a piece of the action also-after feeling a bit lonely and depressed seeing that her husband was called up from Basic Training to go to Viet Nam she ended up rekindling her old flames with Roger Sterling (John Slattery) by going to dinner with him.
On their way back from the restaurant they were conveniently mugged by a black man with a gun. The mugger took both of their wedding rings (how weird ?), Roger’s watch, money, and Joan’s purse.
The duo was shaken and they ended making love against the side of the stoop.

The installment ended with Sally screaming and yelling that she did not want to go back to Betty and while running away she fell flat on her face-but being a kid and only a kid she was forced by Don with an army of shocked female workers standing behind him to go join her horrible mother.

Another great episode that have us wondering what is next for Joan and Roger?
How far with Sally take her rebellion?
Here are few things that stood out from the episode:

Despite the fact that the three women standing in the elevator have made it so far in their careers – one must wonder why is they never help one another during dire times such as these.
“That’s not a strategy. That’s two strategies connected by an ‘and’.”
“I would have my secretary do it, but she’s dead.”
“Civil rights isn’t a situation to be fixed with some PR campaign,”
“Do you remember me from yesterday?”
“Cause of death: Don Draper. ”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Mad Men season 4 episode 9.

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