Mad Men Season 4 Episode 7: Watch The Suitcase Online S04E07

Mad Men Season 4 Episode 7: Watch The Suitcase Online S04E07 – Mad Men season 4, episode 7 called “The Suitcase” which was directed by Jennifer Getzinger and written by Matthew Weiner aired last night on AMC.
In “The Suitcase” which took place on the night of May 25, 1965, which happens to the evening when Muhammad Ali made history by defeating former heavyweight champion Sonny Liston during the first round of their fight we learned a lot about Peggy and discovered that all hope is not lost for Don after all.
Here is what occurred in the installment:
As stated above the writers brilliantly juxtaposed Peggy vs. Don and Cassius Clay vs. Sonny .
The episode opened with poor Peggy in the bathroom not having much of a reason to celebrate her 26th birthday and being slapped in the face by Trudy Campbell’s wonderful life, pregnancy and perfect husband.
From there -things go from bad to worst.
After getting a huge fight with Don over a robot like Samsonite luggage commercial she cooked up with Stan, Joey, and Danny Siegel she is forced to cancel her surprise 26th birthday party.

Mark who had organized the party tells her it was the last straw and dumps her on the phone with Peggy’s mother and friends sitting in the restaurant right next to him and witnessing the whole break up.
Peggy rapidly confronts Don for making her stay late and blames him for ruining her day but he is completely unapologetic about her predicament and tells her she should be grateful for having him and Jesus in her life.
The duo leaves the office to a diner to a bar where Peggy lets Don know that everyone thinks she slept with him to get her job and he eventually opens up about how his father died.They watch the quick fight and Don gets very drunk to the point he ends up sick.
The odd couple returned to the office where Don vomits his head off and later gets into a fight with a drunk Duck who insults Peggy because she refuses to go work for him.
The crazy night ends with Don sleeping on Peggy’s lap in a vomit-stained shirt and finding out the next day that Anna was gone after seeing her ghost.

Here is a brief presentation of the episode:

An impending deadline leaves the firm in disarray, as Don makes Peggy stay late to work on a Samsonite ad, missing her birthday dinner with her boyfriend and family. Don receives a call from Anna’s niece, which confirms his fears about her health. A drunk Duck comes to the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce offices and gets into a fight with Don. The episode takes place May 25, 1965 (the night of the Muhammad Ali / Sonny Liston rematch) and the morning after.

Overall it was a very good episode where we watch Don and Peggy get hit unexpectedly by some heavy blows during the night and held on to each other to bounce back the very next morning.
The Suitcase proved to be a great turning point for Don Draper-who showed tenderness and real emotions by telling Peggy that he had respect for her and by putting his hand over her’s while showing her the ad.Let us hope that the new Don Draper sticks around for couple of episodes.
Here are few racists lines from the brilliant episode:
“Happy birthday! You know, 26 is still very young,”
“You’re such a Jew”
“If I wanted to see two Negroes fight, I’d throw a dollar bill out my window”
Peggy: “But you got the Clio!”
Don: “It’s your job: I give you money, you give me ideas!”
Peggy: “And you never say thank you.”
Don: “That’s what the money is for!”
“keep banging your head against the wall and then it happens.”
“My personal life,doesn’t feel right or as important as anything in that office.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Mad Men Season 4 Episode 7.

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