Mad Men Season 4 Episode 6: Watch Waldorf Stories Online S04E06

Mad Men Season 4 Episode 6: Watch Waldorf Stories Online S04E06 – Mad Men season 4 episode 6 called “Waldorf Stories” which was directed by Scott Hornbacher and written by Brett Johnson and Matthew Weiner aired this evening on AMC.
Last week we found out a little bit too much about Sally Draper’s sexual life, Roger’s attachment to the World War II and way too much about Japanese business men – so it was nice to have the focus shift to Don Draper’s life story once more.

In “Waldorf Stories” in a flashback scene we followed a young Don trying step foot for the very first time into the advertisement business with a very limited portfolio which contained only five original items and all with tag lines stemming from “cure for the common …” which originally belonged to Danny.
We found out that Don’s first meeting with Roger who gave him a job Sterling-Cooper along with newcomer Danny was rather unique .
We discovered that Don used/stole Danny’s line to land an ad.

The episode eventually moved to April 1965 where we discovered that the new advertising agency was competing for a Clio award which made everyone exited – minus Don of course.
But when Peggy who was the happiest person in the office about the event found out that she would not be attending the ceremony – she was heartbroken especially knowing that she came up with the brilliant Glow Coat ad idea.Her unhappiness grew deeper when she discovered that Joan was given a ticket to the soiree and not her.
Poor Peggy-things went from bad to worst when she learned that she had to spend the entire weekend in a hotel room with Stan to work on the Vicks ad.

The episode ended with Don getting drunk and passing out for two entire days after having sex with a random woman and waking up to discover that he forgot about the Life cereal people that he had a meeting with and that he locked Peggy and Stan together in a hotel.
Don being Don -he used Jonathon from Buffy’s slogan to convince the Life people,hiresd the man and went back to drinking.

Here is the recap of the episode:

After winning a Clio Award for the Glo-Coat ad, an inebriated Don inadvertently pitches executives from Quaker Oats a slogan for Life cereal that came from Roger’s wife’s cousin. Peggy secludes herself in a hotel room with the firm’s new artistic director Stan Rizzo in order to complete a campaign. Pete is upset when he finds out that Ken Cosgrove will be joining the firm. While dictating his memoirs, Roger remembers his initial encounter with Don. The episode takes place in April 1965.

Overall it was a pretty solid episode where it was pretty odd to watch the series win Best drama on one network while the agency was picking up an award on another channel.

The installment proved that Betty is more or less irrelevant and is becoming an angry b*tch who spends her time screaming at Don and her kids.

“Waldorf Stories” had some interesting flashbacks that explains Don and Roger’s relationship, and lays the foundation for Don and Jonathon’s relationship.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Mad Men season 4 episode 6.

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