Mad Men Season 4 Episode 4: Watch The Rejected Online S04E04


Mad Men Season 4 Episode 4: Watch The Rejected Online S04E04 – Mad Men season 4 episode 4 titled “The Rejected,” aired on AMC, last night. ‘The Rejected’ was directed by John Slattery and written by Keith Huff and Matthew Weiner. It was a pretty decent episode, despite the fact that this season is moving in a awfully slow fashion. The good thing is that this episode was probably the best of the season so far, it insisted on the different layers of the show. Things are never totally what they seem but at the same time they are. It is twisted but it is one hour of television that you never want to miss.

The different relationships took center stage this week, with Pete having to face Peggy who found out that his wife was pregnant. The sad part is that she found it out via a secretary. After all what these two went through in season one, this new situation could end everything. Pete is obviously at a turning a point, finally having all the things he ever wanted but all of this could slip us in his hands at any given time. Don is at the opposite of the spectrum, his entire world is collapsing yet he is remaining true to his arrogance and aloofness.

Alison tried to give him a hand after their one night stand, but he refused to open up. Peggy had to offer her a shoulder to cry on. How low will the writers leave Don stoop? Don could not even force himself to write a letter to Alison, he started and then gave it up. The character is so lonely that at some point that he seems jealous of the monotone life of an old couple. He is on his own, does he have anyone else to blame but himself? Alison was desperate for some warm gesture from him but he just could not. The few words, he has managed to write on the paper read: “Right now my life is very…”

We all would love to know what comes after, unfortunately he stopped there. The writers have decided to have some fun with our nerves, but we would not have it any other way.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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