Mad Men Season 4 Episode 2:Watch Christmas Comes But Once a Year Online S04E02

Mad Men Season 4 Episode 2:Watch Christmas Comes But Once a Year Online S04E02 – Mad Men Season 4 Episode 2 called “Christmas Comes But Once a Year” which was directed by Michael Uppendahl and written by Tracy McMillan and Matthew Weiner aired last night on AMC.
It was Holiday episode (yes in July) that had a lot of strange gifts to say the least, along with the return of Freddy Rumsen, a drunk Don sleeping with the secretary and Sally asking for Santa to bring her daddy back home.
Here is what occurred in the episode:
-Sally who is a pre-teen now and who is becoming a little out of control has a secret- she has fallen for a bad boy.She has a crush on little rascal by the name of Glen, a neighbor from years past.
Glen was able to heat up Christmas a bit by :
-making prank hone calls
-vandalizing houses including Don’s home, but for some strange reason left Sally’s room untouched.
-leaving special gifts for the girl he likes.

-Meanwhile Peggy showed us another side of her that we never knew existed.
At work, she’s the one to point out everyone’s mistakes and wrongdoing but at home she lying to her boyfriend Mark by telling him that she is a virgin.
At the end of the episode, she goes as far as having sex with him and keeps on pretending that it was her first time.

-As for Don, he was busy being cruel and insensitive Don as usual.
Don who is seriously becoming an alcoholic with no standard since his divorce , got drunk again, after the Christmas party and called Allison, his secretary played by Alexa Alemanni to bring his keys to let him in to his apartment.
Despite being tipsy, he manages to have sex with her on the couch.
But the next day Allison discovers that Don’s all business again, treating her like they never slept together.
To add insult to injuries he puts 2 fifty dollar bills into her Christmas card as if he was paying her for the sex.
Here is the synopsis of the episode:

Don gets a Christmas letter from Sally which highlights his depression. Freddy Rumsen returns to SCDP with a new client, but his chauvinism leads to conflict with Peggy. Roger mistakenly invites Lee Garner, Jr. to the firm’s Christmas party, forcing Lane to expand the party’s budget. Sally receives some awkward attention from a classmate. Don gets drunk and has an ill-advised one-night stand. This episode takes place right before Christmas, 1964.

Overall it was another great episode of Mad Men where we can officially say that Don is an alcoholic who will hit on anything with a skirt/dress on.
What is ironic in the installment is the fact Freddie Rumsen (Joel Murray), the former Sterling Cooper copywriter who embarrassed himself by getting so drunk that he ended peeing himself, is back to work, bringing in a major contract from Pond’s Cold Cream and appears genuinely happy.
In contrast to Don who is rapidly becoming the shadow of the man he once was.

Here are few lines that stood out from the episode:

“If you’re going to marry him, don’t do anything. He won’t respect you.”
“I’m sorry. No one wants to think they’re a type”
“That is physically very uncomfortable. It’s not a joke.”
“You’ve got to work less and find somebody”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Mad Men Season 4 Episode 2.

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