Mad Men Finale 2010: Season 4 Episode 13 Tomorrowland S04E136

Mad Men Season 4 Finale/ Mad Men Season 4 Episode 13 called “Tomorrowland” which was directed by Matthew Weiner and written by Jonathan Igla and Matthew Weiner aired this evening on AMC.

This season’s finale was less shocking than last year’s big ending but when you are dealing with Don Draper you should always expect the unexpected.

Here is what happened in the installment :

After Betty became bitchier than usual (seeing that her and Henry are preparing to move to a new house in Rye) and fired Carla, Don decided to hire his beautiful secretary Megan to accompany him and his children on their trip to California.

During the trip Don visit Anna’s niece and discovered that his old pal left an engagement ring behind for him.
After Don realizes how nurturing and loving she is with his children-Don proposes to Megan and she accepts.

Meanwhile Peggy spearheads a new campaign for a pantyhose company but the big engagement news overshadows her great accomplishments.

Overall it was a pretty decent episode of MM but truth be told it was not as captivating as most Mad Men episodes, especially for a Mad Men finale.
This season we watched Don grow from an addict to become a more humbled man up until the last few episodes of the season where all of sudden he becomes infatuated with the idea of his new secretary, and he succumbs to his new desire.
Megan is good with Don’s kids but we don’t have that visible chemistry that existed in Don and Faye’s burgeoning relationship.

Not much was resolved but with Peggy’s new found ambition, with the fact that Joan has decided to keep Roger’s baby,with Betty’s life going down the drain and Don’s new marriage -we would have to say that is a lot of set up for next year.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Mad Men finale.

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