Mackenzie Phillips No Relapse TV Show?

Mackenzie Phillips is stepping up another notch in her battle to help people with drug problems by reportedly getting her own certification as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselor, according to the TMZ site.

Phillips who is famous for her long time personal battle with substance abuse is about to get her certification and turn to a life of helping hand these people who are addicted can use.

Matter of fact or rumor, there might be a reality TV show in it called “No Relapse” that will focus on Phillips and her new career and adventures.

With the number of people swamped with horrific drug and alcohol abuse problems in the US, a show about a person who has battled the menace an entire lifetime and now on her way to becoming a certified counselor should have a major impact.

Surely with her experience before and behind the cameras, Mackenzie will be able to bring the dramatic and sympathetic elements to he show as well as some comedy. It may be a tough subject but facing a monster without the ability to laugh is way tougher.

The company 44 Blue is supposedly going to produce the show and is shopping it around.

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