Louis Van Amstel Boyfriend:Niecy Nash Boyfriend


Louis Van Amstel Boyfriend:Niecy Nash Boyfriend – It was an interesting episode of Dancing With the Stars not because the moves but because of the countless dramas.
Let us focus on the most emotional moment on the evening shall we?
Niecy Nash Boyfriend/Louis Van Amstel boyfriend crying session:
Nash broke down in tears while talking about her partner Louis van Amstel who is gay and can not get married .
She said:

“I’m a girl, I’m always thinking about marriage.”

She added:

“I have a good man,who rubs my feet after at night”

Niecy went on explaining that she can not imagine what life would be like if she was unable to marry her boyfriend therefore her dancing partner’s situation hurts her deeply.
The professional dancer was touched by the comedian’s words and told her “You gotta help me fight my battle, too.”
What are thoughts on gay marriage?
That’s all we have for now on Louis Van Amstel Boyfriend:Niecy Nash Boyfriend.

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