Lost Season 6 Spoilers

Lost season 6 finale spoilers

Lost Season 6 Spoilers – Lost season 6 spoilers/Lost series finale spoilers can be found here.Josh Holloway aka James “Sawyer” Ford sat down with TV Guide to give some insights on Lost season 6 that will premiere on ABC on February 2, 2010.Here is what he had to say.
On Sawyer’s path:

“By then, Sawyer’s story will have been told,my journey has been full.After six years, I love this character—he’s a living, breathing part of me.And I think he deserves a second chance to rectify some things he’s done. It would be a shame if he were not given that opportunity. I’d feel cheated.”

On the Juliet story line:

“It was pretty poignant and important to the setup of things people will discover later on.We had this amazing experience, and then she was gone again.”

On filming the final season of Lost:

“It’s just been a pleasure on set this year.When we see each other, there’s this joy that’s lovely.It feels like high school’s going to end, and we’re getting wistful.There’s a sweetness to these days.Everyone has a sense of last moments.Maybe this will be the last scene we shoot at this old location…or maybe this is the last time I’ll talk to this particular character.There is an energy here now that is reminiscent of the first year, which was so magical.”

On Sawyer and Kate’s romance:

“Not possible for him to be with Kate. Right now, he doesn’t give a f— about life…or anyone in it. He’s destroyed inside. There’s an undeniable love for Kate, but everything inside of him is fighting not to go there.I think she would have a happier life with Jack,more so than with Sawyer.”

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