Lost Season 5 Finale Spoilers

Lost Season 5 Finale Spoilers

Lost Season 5 Finale Spoilers – Lost Season 5 Finale spoilers have surfaced and it will be big.According to Spoilers Lost writers who were on the set,James and Locke may die.Here is what they wrote:

“As many of you have suspected and speculated, Pellegrino is indeed going to portray the infamous Jacob!!”Young James meets Jacob at his dad’s funeral.”
As a matter of fact our source went as far to say Sawyer, so it is not another James. Additionally, the scene is a flashback and takes place in a church, so I assume it is an off island scene.”
“This is a definite BOMBSHELL. I just got back from vacation in honolulu.. I saw them shooting a scene for (confirmed by crew member) the season 5 finale on Kalakaua Ave. Mark Pellegrino was reading a book on a bench outside a building when BAM!! Locke falls eight stories out of the window and lands behind him. While people cry out for help and to call 911, Pellegrino (Young Jacob?!) calmly puts a bookmark in his book and casually walks over to Locke’s body in the grass and kneels down next to him.

That’s all we have for now on Lost Season 5 Finale Spoilers.

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