Lost Quotes

Lost Quotes – This evening Millions of viewers worldwide will get the answers they have been feverishly waiting for six years as they watch the final of the series Lost.
The show is going out with a bang with a double episode lasting over two hours entitled The End.
The installment will conclude the sixth and final season of what will go down as one of the most thought-provoking and passion-provoking TV series ever.
Walt Disney, the distributor of the series will make the final available in 59 countries within 48 hours after it was broadcast in the U.S.
Here are few quotes from the show:

“I’m a complex guy, sweetheart.”
Hurley: “Yo, Sawyer, glad you’re back man!”
Sawyer: “Yo yourself, Pillsbury!”
Sawyer: “Hey, Freckles”
Jack: “What about Sayid and Claire?”
Sawyer: “Sayid’s a zombie, and Claire gave up her ticket when she tried to kill Kate.”
Sawyer: “If I don’t play ping pong every 108 minutes the whole island’s gonna explode.”
Hurley to Desmond: So, like, the hatch blew off your underwear?
Ben: “Come on, come on, come on. Let’s move it. Let’s move it. Hippity hop. Hippity hop. Hipity hop.”
Charlie: So… first plane crash?
Claire: What gave it away?
Charlie: Ah, you can always spot the newbies.
Kate: “I’m sorry I kissed you.”
Jack: “I’m not.”
Jack (to Kate): “I love you.”
Kate: “This isn’t like you…the whole “glass half full thing.”
Jack: “There’s a glass?”
Jack: “We’re gonna blow ’em all to Hell.”
“Because that’s how it happened!”
Alex: “How do you know my name?”
Sayid: “Because you look like your mother.”
Locke: “Remind me why we’re keeping him alive?”
Sayid:” What do you suggest we do — shoot him like a dog?”
Locke: “No, I like dogs.”

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