Lost Numbers Dharma Initiative

Lost Numbers Dharma Initiative – Lost fans have been warned not to expect all of the answers to all of their questions in the finale episode of Lost. The show is in its 6th and final season, and is preparing to wrap up the plot line tonight, leaving many of their fans hanging in the balance. The character who plays the recently less mysterious Jacob on the show recently warned that all of the answers to the shows questions will not be coming, and Lost will go out just as they went in, leaving the fans wanting more each and every episode.

“I think the finale of Lost is very impressive. But will it blow fans away? That’s the big question. People have been living with this phenomenon for six whole years now, and they’re hungry for answers,” the star said regarding the finale. Lost is notorious for leaving many of their questions unanswered, but has made it a point in the final season to answer a majority of the larger questions that have loomed over the series since the beginning, such as “what is the smoke monster.” Some fans have complained, saying that the show appeared to be “winging it” the first three seasons (which are regarded by many as the best three), and spent the final three years of the show playing catchup, trying (and failing in some cases) to answer all of the questions that they had created logically.

“There are bound to be some things that are still left unanswered at the close, and which will still rankle at the end. And I think some of these issues will round in people’s minds for years, and years and years to come,” Mark Pellegrino said.

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