Lost Finale Theories Explained

lost finale explanation

Lost Finale Theories Explained – Lost finale left us with more questions than answers,the different theories that have since surfaced are more of a matter personal taste and believes than what was actually shown in the episode.
Let us see if can clear somethings up together.

Conventional thinking

Most fans and TV critics seemed to agree that all the things that took place on the Island really happened.
And that the alternate life/flash-sideways was just a collective dream or purgatory-call it what you want to call it.
If we do accept that premise we also need to accept the fact of having polar bears on a tropical island,smock monsters,eternal life,magical waters,you name it,we need to accept these things as totally rational.
But we have decided to take a different rout that seems to make more sense to us,you might disagree and that’s OK because a respectful intellectual debate is always welcomed.

What if … they all died after the initial plane crash?

We do believe that flight Oceanic 815 crashed and all of the passengers died right away but one. Jack the lone survivor lived for a short time on the Island.

That brief period corresponds to the time he regained conscious from the river and walked to the bamboo field and collapsed next to the dog.In that sense Jack’s last minutes on the Island that we saw during the finale matched perfectly with the initial ones we viewed in the pilot episode.
The closing credits with the empty plane wreckage gave even more strength to that theory.

The island was just a place where Lost Souls met and those who passed the test were able to regroup at some kind of Universalist church in L.A. and ascend up to heaven or whatever you what to call it.
To add more meat to this position Jack used to see his dead father on the island,Ricardo saw his dead wife,Hurley saw countless dead people so did the Man in Black.
If as conventional wisdom put it, the castaways plotted to meet at the church , how come they did not remember one-another?

In conclusion Lost fans and TV critics try to read between the lines too much.
It was just a show about redemption for some characters who were not fortunate enough to find love and happiness during their life time.
The show became huge even too big for the writers who themselves got Lost along the way.

At least season 6 as a whole offered these same writers a path way to redemption.
Love it or hate it Lost will have you talking and dissecting theories for years to come.

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