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Lost Finale Explanation:Lost Purgatory Ending Theories – In case you were under a rock or on another planet, you are fully aware that Lost series finale aired last night on ABC. It was a very emotional and sad finale of Lost where we did not get any real answers to the countless questions that surfaced during the last 6 years.
To make a very, very long story short we discovered via Christian Shephard aka Jack’s dead father that all of the people on Oceanic 815 including Desmond, Daniel, Charlotte, Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Lapidus, Claire, Sayid, Sun, Jin, Richard, Michael, Walt, Miles, Ana Lucia, Locke, Hurley and Benjamin did really live on the island but when they died they moved on to L.A for their afterlife where they had the life that they always dreamed off. In The End we learned that those who did eventually find a way to forgive the people who hurt them , and forgave themselves were reunited with the people who meant something to them an went to heaven.
Here is the recap of the episode:


Richard and Miles rescue Lapidus from the wreckage of the submarine. Jack confronts the Man in Black and they travel to the heart of the island together with Desmond. Desmond is able to disable the light, making both Jack and the Man in Black mortal. Jack is able to kill the Man in Black but was mortally wounded in the process. Lapidus, Richard, Sawyer, Kate, Claire, and Miles escape the island on the plane. Hurley takes over for Jack as the protector of the island shortly before Jack goes on a suicide mission to save the island. Desmond is saved by Jack, but Jack cannot save himself. The last thing Jack sees before he dies is the plane leaving the island. Walt’s dog Vincent stays by Jack’s side as he watches his friends escape from the island. Hurley, in his role as the new protector of the island, decides to help Desmond get home and asks Linus for his help after Linus suggests that Hurley change how things are run so people can come and go from the island now instead of being stuck there.


Desmond continues to gather the Islanders who begin to recollect their time on the Island. Each begin to recognize one another and meet up later at a church. Kate instructs Jack to enter through the back, where he encounters his father’s coffin. When he touches it all of his memories come back to him. He opens the coffin and discovers it empty. Christian Shephard is standing behind his son and explains to Jack where he is and what it means, saying, “the time you spent with these people was the most important period of your life.” The 2004 timeline is revealed to have been an afterlife created by the survivors so they could find one another, independent of the time at which they died, and move on to “the next phase” together. Jack and Christian go out into the church to meet the others. After many handshakes, hugs and kisses, Christian leaves through the front doors of the church and all are bathed in a light.

Overall it was a disappointing finale for someone who watched this show since the pilot aired in 2004 because the main questions such as what is the island?what is the point of the Smock Monster? When the light went off on the island what was the point of Jack giving Hurley water to make him immortal when he had lost all his powers?were not answered.
To be honest it appeared as if the writers took the easy way out with the overly idealistic ending that did not make any sense.
Yes it was emotional,yes the acting was great and yes there were some scenes that melted your heart and made you cry but it was very confusing,the storyline was all over the place and it was pointless to say the least.
The series should have ended at the concert it would have been a classic finale,all that came after was pure amalgam and made me realize I watched a great show for 6 years and the writers ruined it in less than 30 minutes because they never knew what they were doing.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Lost Finale 2010.

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