Lost Epilogue Leaks

Lost Epilogue Leaks – The popular television show “Lost” ended with some cliffhangers about what happens with a number of their characters. After the finale, they quickly announced that they would be releasing some of the answers to those questions in the DVD box set of the season. They will be including an epilogue that will tell the fate of Ben and Hurley when they remained on the island as everyone else either died, or flew off into the wild blue yonder.
The DVD is not due for another 18 days, but the epilogue is already leaking its way online. The 12 minute segment is titled “The New Man In Charge,” is can be described as a small follow-up to the series finale. It will make some revelations about what happened to Hugo after Jack sacrificed himself for the island. The teasers already made their way online, but now it appears that the entire piece has leaked.

It is nice to see that they went out of their way to answer some of the questions that fans just could not get off of their minds. It seems like the general consensus on the finale was few and far between, and there was a lot of disagreement on whether they wrapped it up right or not. In the end, the show came down to being about the characters more so than being about the mysteries of their location. Maybe they can tie of some of the loose ends now to help satisfy fan boys and casual fans alike.
Seeing that Walt is special does that mean that he is the one who replaced Hugo?
FYI:It is great to understand why women could not get pregnant and how the polar bears landed on the island.

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