Lost Alternate Endings:Series Finale Ending

Lost Alternate Endings:Series Finale Ending – Throughout the week Jimmy Kimmel had promised to air three alternate endings to the Lost finale on his program. He lived up to his promise, but did not deliver the alternate endings that most fans were hoping for. Instead of playing real alternate endings, Kimmel showed the crowd three comedic sketches involving former cast members of the popular television series. However, just because no alternate endings were shot does not mean that the producers did not have other ideas for the weddings.

One idea that made its way around the Internet in recent days was that the show would end with a wedding for Jin and Sun. While they had been shown being wed previously on the show, the producers released the information in hopes that they would be able to throw the spoiler crowd off of the real ending of the show. The call sheet also was planned to be shot at the same church that the ending of the series was shot as, and the call sheet went out to the entire cast before the ending was shot. Unfortunately, the cast never leaked the call sheet and the spoiler never made its way to the Internet in time for the finale.
A number of other mysteries have not been answered following the finale, like the name of the Man in Black, as well as why Mr. Eko was not featured in any of the final scenes for the show. The finale was able to answer a number of the larger burning questions that the writers had created over the years, but was unable to satisfy all of the fans of Lost, some of whom were very disappointed with the ending. However, there is a large crowd that thought that the ending was great.

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