Lost Across The Sea Recap Review:Watch Lost Season 6 Episode 15 Online S06E15

lost across the sea

Lost Across The Sea Recap Review:Watch Lost Season 6 Episode 15 Online S06E15 – Lost season 6 episode 15 called “Across the Sea” which was written by Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof and directed by Tucker Gates aired last night on ABC.
Here at Spreadit we have come to the consensus that Across the Sea was the best episode of Lost that ever aired.The installment took place almost entirely in the past with no usual sideways flash this time around.The episode gave so many answers (Like the origin of Smockey who is actually Jacob’s twin brother ,he was never evil and their mother was killed right after giving birth to them ) and left us with still more questions (How come the other mother never named the Man in Black,where did she come from?) and so many windows of interpretation (What is the light? Is it the source of the big bang? Or could it be the love of God as they are often describe in the bible?).
Here is the recap of the episode:

Washed ashore on the island, a pregnant woman named Claudia (Lela Loren) encounters an unnamed woman (Alison Janney), both of whom speak Latin. The woman helps Claudia give birth to her son, whom Claudia names Jacob. After the birth of Jacob’s cauled fraternal twin, which was a surprise to both women, the woman murders Claudia. The woman raises the twins as her own, and to be ignorant of a world beyond the island. She also convinces them to be distrustful of humanity, whom she regards as corrupt and dangerous.

At age 13, Jacob (Kenton Duty) and the Man in Black (Ryan Bradford) discover that other people are on the island. Their mother shows them a mysterious tunnel filled with light and an underground stream. She tells them that one of them will eventually be its caretaker, and that she made it so that they could never kill each other. Soon after, the ghost of Claudia appears to the young Man in Black. She reveals to him that she is his and Jacob’s birth mother and the other people came to the island with her 13 years ago. He confronts Mother, and attempts to convince Jacob to join the other people on the island. However, Jacob refuses and stays with Mother.

Over the course of the next 30 years, Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) visits his brother (Titus Welliver) at the camp he shares with the other people. While still believing the people are corrupt, he stays with them since they have figured out a way to leave the island by using its strange properties that they found via wells. When Mother learns this, she visits the Man in Black and learns that he and the others have constructed a giant wheel. He tells her that they attempt to dig into the light from the tunnel, existing beneath parts of the island, to create a system that will allow them to exploit its energy, and use it to leave the island. Upon hearing this, she renders The Man in Black unconscious, massacres the people in the camp, and destroys their equipment. She later shows Jacob the tunnel of light again, explaining that it leads to the heart of the island, and that Jacob has to take care of it now. She also warns Jacob never to enter the tunnel, as doing so would entail a fate worse than death. Jacob drinks a wine that Mother pours and very reluctantly assumes leadership of the island.

Enraged by her actions, the Man in Black kills Mother. Jacob retaliates by beating his brother, and throwing him into the stream leading down the tunnel of light. The Man in Black is sucked into the tunnel and emerges as the smoke monster. Jacob then finds the Man in Black’s physical body and places the corpse with Mother in the cave, along with a pouch containing the black and white stones they used in a game as children.

Overall it was an extraordinary episode with great acting with an informative moving and provocative script, beautiful cinematography and just as good as we have come to except,of season 6.
We known some fans are upset because the creators decided that this week’s entire episode would focus only on Jacob and the Man in Black.But in respect to their importance and the vital secrets that they hold it was only fair they devoted the entire hour to their story.
As we stated before we really like the episode for various reasons that we briefly mention below:
-We got answers we longed for without being patronized by being told what they mean.
-The philosophical and religious aspects of the episode were mind boggling.
-After learning of his adoptive mother’s atrocity we were forced to admit the Man in Black is not an irredeemable bastard ,he is a victim -he is Jacob’s victim and creation.
-We have one question for Jacob -does the end justify the means?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Lost season 6 episode 15.

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