Losing It With Jillian Michaels Premiere

losing it with jillian michaels

Losing It With Jillian Michaels Premiere – The first episode of Jillian Michaels’ new show, “Losin it With Jillian,” focuses more on the mental aspect of losing weight then the physical. Her stance is that everyone knows how to lose weight; eat better and exercise more. The problem is that most people are just not mentally ready to make the commitment. Jillian visited a traditional Italian family -the Mastropiestros, in the show that lives very sedated lives. The home consists of four individuals, all of them weighing over 300 pounds. The family was looking to lose weight together to become more healthy and fit, and Jillian stepped in to give them a plan for success.

It was 22 years ago that the family lost their baby. Jim, the husband, has refused to talk about the incident since it first happened. Agnes, Jim’s wife, has had to deal with not being able to talk about the incident since it occurred and finally confronted him while the cameras were rolling.They spoke about their young baby that never got to fully experience life. It was a touching scene that is not often seen on television in this day and age. 
As the conversation came to its close and the hurtful memories lifted, they were able to work on themselves and make a goal for the future. Their daughter, Michelle, had a wedding approaching quickly and the entire family wanted to lose weight for the wedding. Jillian showed them good eating habits, and also set them up with a psychiatrist who would help them work through their emotional issues.

Critics of the show have said that Jillian’s specialty is as a trainer, and having her lead the complicated discussions may have done more harm then good at the end. The show followed the family through the wedding ceremony, where Jillian attended and was allowed to be a large part of the festivities.
 The end was very touching with Jillian showing up six weeks later, for the wedding and will all the Mastropiestros looking good.
We were shocked to find out that Jillian was payin for Michelle’s wedding and sending her and her new husband on honeymoon in Curacao.

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