Lone Star TV Show FOX – New James Wolk TV Series Pilot


Lone Star TV Show FOX – New James Wolk TV Series Pilot – Lone Star TV show pilot aired few hours ago and the reviews are in, and it is a mixed bag. The pilot was directed by Marc Webb.

‘Lone Star’, which airs on Fox, Monday nights 8pm, is a show that makes you feel like you’re being swindled. The story is about a father and son who go around ripping off anyone with large enough cash funds with oil companies and investments that don’t exist.

Bob Allen (James Wolk) was raised by his father, John (David Keith) to be a con artist, and to always be thinking of himself and the con, never the people it is affecting. It kind of leaves you lacking sympathy for either character, especially in the situation that Bob finds himself in.

During one of the swindles, Bob happens to fall in love with Cat (Adrianne Palicki), who is Clint Thatcher’s (Jon Voight) daughter. Thatcher is a wealthy oil company owner who is targeted by the father-son duo.

Bob is offered a big money position by Thatcher, and is married to Cat. The reasons for the marriage is part of the swindle, however feelings get in the way for Bob. What does he do? Does he live a lie while rooting himself in a legitimate life, or does he just leave the people and forget about them, as his father advises him to?

The viewer doesn’t end up feeling much for the characters, any of them. And you are left with the feeling that you’re the one being swindled.

Overall Lone Star is not bad but it has limited appeal, it would have fit better on a cable network, where niche series are more welcomed. The positive thing though here is that the cast is brilliant, special mention to James Wolk who is very convincing.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Lone Star TV Show.

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