Lone Star Season 1 Episode 2: Watch One in Every Family Online S01E02

Lone Star Season 1 Episode 2: Watch One in Every Family Online S01E02 – Lone Star season 1 episode 2 aired last night on FOX. We are officially one week deep into the new fall TV season, and a number of shows are already standing out as potential hits. With Fox’s standout drama “Lone Star” not doing so hot in the ratings, a team has already assembled in order to save the show. The show involves two wives in different towns, a father who is great at manipulating people, and an overbearing father in law who wants to get into his family’s oil business.

On the surface, there doesn’t appear to be that much going on. The previews for the show have been relatively subtle and do not give the audience a true picture of what exactly is going on. However, once you watch an episode, you see just how deep the storylines run. It is smart, innovative, and maintains just enough soap opera-ish drama to keep the everyday watchers coming back.
Episode 2 provided couple of interesting developments:

– Bob convinced Clint into believing that the wind turbines were a good idea and gets his father John to join in. But things go sour when John gets jealous of Bob’s relationship with Clint so he called someone to kill Clint.
-As for Lindsay- her family pushed her into getting a big wedding but rapidly understood that she doesn’t know anything about Robert, and her evil sister Gretchen stepped in to create chaos.
Hopefully the campaign to spread awareness about the show works, because it is one of the smartest, most exciting premieres of the year. The first episodes are often critical, and a good turnout for the second episode could potentially keep the network from moving it to a new timeslot.
Hopefully the network will smarten up and give the show time to build a following. It is a high quality series that will likely gain viewers as it continues to air. That alone should give you enough reasons to keep watching the show.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Lone Star episode 2 .

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