Live To Dance Winners: D’Angelo Castro & Amanda Carbajales

The winners of Paula Abdul’s latest show were recently announced, showing the world that it is possible for kids to reign in the dancing world.

Abdul’s show, “Live To Dance” recently concluded, and crowned young dancers D’Angelo Castro, 9, and Amanda Carbajales, 10, the winners of the nationwide competition.

The tiny dancers are both from Miami, and found acceptance by the judges and audience alike.

They take home a cash prize of $500,000, as well as major recognition in the dancing world for their incredible talent.

The young ballroom dancers were competing in the finale against White Tree Fine Art, a married couple who had a passion for ballet dancing, as well as Kendall Glover, an 11-year old solo dancer.

The first elimination saw White Tree Fine Art take their bows, which meant that the competition was now open to a win from a youngster.

Castro and Carbajales won over the judges after they were asked whether or not they were dating. Although Carbajales answered that they were right away, Castro was too shy to fess up, despite being nudged by his partner.

After the two found out they won, Castro exclaimed, “I’m going to go to Disney World!”

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