Lisa Rinna And Harry Hamlin: Harry Loves Lisa TV Series

Lisa Rinna And Harry Hamlin: Harry Loves Lisa TV Series – Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin are officially back on television. They will be appearing on TV Land’s new reality series titled “Harry Loves Lisa.” The new show will be premiering on October 6th on the network, and will chronicle their relationship together as they try to get their careers back on track. They have two daughters and the show will also put a fair amount of focus on the plastic surgery that both parties have gone through in the past few years.

In the premiere episode Harry learns that he was considered to be bizarre during his last audition, and he turns to standup comedy to help him cure his awkwardness. We also get to see the couple keep their clotting store Belle Gray afloat and tackle image issues with their daughters throughout the first episode.

Lisa Rinna learned during the filming of the reality show that she could reverse the enhancement surgeries she had on her lips, which is something that she did not previously know and is now considering. She previously thought that the surgeries were permanent.

Harry Hamlin has said that he does not have any problem with her appearance, even if her lips are abnormally large and has advised her to keep her looks the way they are. The couple has been married for 13 years and Hamlin met her after she had her lip surgery that give her the large set of kissers. It will make for an interesting reality show to say the least.

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