Lisa Mason Leaving QVC

One of the longest running hosts of QVC has announced that she will no longer be appearing on the advertising channel.

Lisa Mason recently announced her departure, and her final show aired just a few days ago. For Mason, this is the end of a QVC career that began back in 1995.

According to Mason, she has decided to leave Diamonique on QVC in order to get back to her “first love” of broadcasting and journalism.

As the host of QVC’s Diamonique, she saw great success and worked with numerous different brands on her programming. Before Mason worked at QVC, she was an on-air anchor for the TV station KETA in Oklahoma City.

She also earned an Emmy award for a documentary that she did, which was entitled “Faces of AIDS”. Mason has also been a radio broadcaster, and worked as an anchor for FOX TV in Oklahoma City.

Fans of QVC are sad to see her go, but are supportive of her dreams.

One fan wrote, “I am really looking forward to your book when it comes out, and am glad that you seem at peace with your decision.”

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