Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 5: Music Faced S02E05

Life Unexpected season 2 episode 5 called “Music Faced” which was directed by Jerry Levine and written by Deidre Shaw aired last night on The CW.

Were you excited by this week’s new episode of “Life Unexpected?”

It was one of the most intense episodes so far this season because it was a crossover episode with “One Tree Hill,” which should attract more viewers than usual. The new episode, titled “Music Faded,” followed Ryan as he hosted a music festival, which brought out both Haley and Mia to Portland. Haley finally got to meet Cate, and the two of them were able hit it off because they have so much in common.There were some very interesting cameos during the music festival as well.

Ryan and Cate continue their quest to have a baby. The episode actually opens with the two of them in bed, talking about their plans. When Baze learns that his ex, Cate, is trying to have another child, he becomes upset and tries to get in touch with her.

The episode centers around the single people attempting to find dates for the festival. It is pretty funny to watch them as they struggle to find someone to take with them. Ultimately, most of them are able to find dates. The big reveal regarding Cate’s secret is ultimately not that big, and most diehard fans will already know what it is. The most interesting part of the episode comes when we have to wait for Ryan to find out about the secret. Cate is worried that lying to Ryan will force him to move on when he finds out the truth.
Can you imagine Cate being pregnant? Will Lux finish a relationship with Eric?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Life Unexpected season 2 episode 5.

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