Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 3: Watch Criminal Incriminated Online S02E03

Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 3: Watch Criminal Incriminated Online S02E03 – Life Unexpected season 2 episode 3 called “Criminal Incriminated” which was directed by Nick Marck and written by Taylor Hamra aired last night on The CW. The main characters on the show seem to be at a turning point, is it all good. Let us dig and see.

Life Unexpected’s new episode “Criminal Incrimiated” places us in the middle of Lux’s mind as she wonders if she should cheat to ensure that she is able to pass a test. She struggles back and forth with the idea throughout the episode. She doesn’t want to get caught and risk her parents finding out, but she needs to pass the exam in order to maintain good grades.

Meanwhile, Cate is missing quite a bit of money. They do not let us in on who took it in the beginning. Who do you think might be responsible for the missing money?

The episode is filled with a lot of drama, and is mostly inconsequential to the big picture, but definitely is good for some entertainment.

Lux is awesome, as always, and watching her weigh the pros and cons of cheating on a test provide great insight into the character. The fact that she struggles with the decision shows that she is a good person who is just doing her best to make it through school.

Kristoffer Polaha and Austin Basis also star in the episode, and do a great job in their roles. Life Unexpected used Taylor Hamra for this episode, who has written a number of the episodes from season one. It is nice to see that they are going with writers that are familiar with the story.

A lot of important character development took place in the episode, like Ryan and Blaze putting their differences aside and Lux realizing that she needs to differentiate herself more from her parents.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Life Unexpected season 2 episode 3.

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