Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 2: Watch Parent’s Unemployed Online S02E02

Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 2: Watch Parent’s Unemployed Online S02E02 – Life Unexpected Season 2 episode 2 called “Parent’s Unemployed” which was directed by Jerry Levine was written by Patti Carr & Lara Olsen aired last night on The CW.

“Life Unexpected” is known for taking aim at some of the top issues to affect our country on a daily basis. With the second episode of the season, titled “Parents Unemployed” they are taking a quirky look at unemployment in America and how it affects the family unit, regardless of how traditional or nontraditional the family may be. The episode is a bit slower than most fans will be used to, and there are a number of awkward moments for our characters that can be a bit hard to watch.

The show introduced a number of new characters this season, and their interaction with the pre-established characters has been less than stellar thus far.

It appears that the actors are still finding out how their character will interact with everyone, and it almost seems as if they do not have a true grasp over their characters yet. That will probably come with time, so we are hoping that as the season goes on the conversations become more seamless and believable.

Even Cate and Ryan did not get to joy a moment of peace after their wedding. Cate was sulking, and Ryan is hard to believe after the reveal that he was keeping secrets from his wife. It will be interesting to see where their story line leads throughout the season. Will their new marriage last, or will they cave under the pressure of the world that they have placed themselves in? “Life Unexpected” has shown that it is not afraid to take on a new direction, but some fans have been left wondering if the new direction was the right one.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Life Unexpected season 2 episode 2.

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