Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 1: Watch Ocean Uncharted Online S02E01

Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 1: Watch Ocean Uncharted Online S02E01 – Britt Robertson’s character on CW’s “Life Unexpected” did not receive a lot of breaks in the first season, and it appears that the second season will be more of the same.

Although the characters will be in completely different positions than they were last season, many of the same concepts will come into play during the second season.

In case you missed season 1, the series follows Robertson who plays Lux, a 16 year old who would like to be emancipated from her parents so that she could leave foster care. In attempting to become emancipated, she coincidentally accidentally brings her family much closer together.

The character had a lot of growth throughout the first season, and through her conversations with her foster parents, she was able to grow closer to them than she ever had been before. The show received critical acclaim as soon as it was launched, and was mostly driven by the stories of the characters.

Robertson has said that she has had problems playing a 15 year old when she was 20. Those 4 years are critical years in the maturing process, and she has had a hard time attempting to act like an everyday 1 year old. Often times the character in the show will see things in a completely different light than Robertson does off-screen, so it can be a bit hard for her to adjust.
In Life Unexpected Season 2, Episode 1 called “Ocean Uncharted” which was directed by Gary Fleder and written by Liz Tigelaar and Sallie Patrick we learned that:

After their honeymoon Lux, Cate, and Ryan returned where Baze and Cate got into a huge fight as soon as he decided to reveal his feelings for her and explained that Lux secretly wanted her to marry Ryan.
We also discovered that Ryan has some secret relationship with mystery a woman named Julia.

At work, Cate learned through Ryan’s boss Trina (Gina Holden) that Kelly Campbell (Amy Price-Francis) was going to be working as their new radio co-host- the only problem is that the two ladies hate each other. So after much feuding Trina fired Cate.

As for Lux she received the shock of her life-Bug (Rafi Gavron) proposed to her but she realized that she’s too young to get married and looked like Bug may have left for good.
The next day we learned that Lux may have feeling for Eric the new teacher at her school.

Moving on with the juicy drama, Baze met the hot new bartender called Paige at his bar and she dropped a cigarette in a trash burned the whole place down.Paige later showed up at Cate’s doorstep and told her that she was Ryan’s sister.

It will be interesting to see where the show goes from there, with Robertson’s character having officially dropped her plans for emancipation and to get married what will drive the plot line in season two?
The new teacher? Paige’s madness?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Life Unexpected season 2 episode 1.

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