Lie to Me Season 2 Finale: Watch Black and White Online S02E22

Lie to Me Season 2 Finale: Watch Black and White Online S02E22 – The second season finale of the popular television show “Lie to Me” called “Black and White” aired last night and the big question being posed by fans is : have this season’s big story lines been resolved?
The show took a noticeably darker turn from its first season, and fans should not have expected the typical season-finale cliffhanger that most shows opt for to start with.

Here is what occurred in the finale, Cal’s life comes crashing down after finding out that one of his good friend -a reporter whom he was working on a story about a politician who is being investigated by the FBI was shot .
The case pushes him to neglect the rules of the Bureau and therefore creating tension between himself and Reynolds.As if that was not enough for one man to handle,Cal goes home to find Emily and her boyfriend alone in the house.
To add a cherry on top of his cake, she confesses to her dad that she has been having sex.

The show will bring about some changes going into the third season that many have speculated are budget-related choices. Mekhi Phifer will no longer be portraying Ben Reynolds in the series, and executive producers have chosen to narrow down their characters in order to boost character development. The thinking is that they will be able to spend more time on their most popular characters; Alex Cary and David Graziano, by cutting down on the screen time that other actors receive.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Lie to Me season 2 episode 22.

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