Lenny Dykstra Wants Charlie Sheen Back On Two And A Half Men

When you add the names, Lenny Dykstra, Dan Petrocelli, and Charlie Sheen together you know you’re looking at a story that sounds like something from a comedy movie.

Apparently Dykstra the baseball legend had some sort of plan to get Sheen back on the show “Two and a Half Men”. He wanted to get lawyer Dan Petrocelli to do the negotiating to get Sheen back on the show.

Petrocelli is most known for nailing O.J. Simpson in the civil lawsuit that got him burned for $33 million. Dykstra may not be that far off in targeting Petrocelli as the man to do the job as he already represents the WB and Dykstra as well.

However, Petrochelli had to turn down the offer as it would be a conflict of interest.

Just the thought of this Sheen Dream Team is enough to have one rolling on the floor laughing. The only thing it would be missing is a laugh track.

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