Law & Order: Los Angeles Episode 2: Watch Echo Park Online S01E02

Law & Order: Los Angeles Episode 2: Watch Echo Park Online S01E02 – Law & Order: Los Angeles episode 2 called “Echo Park” which was directed by Alex Chapple and written by Peter Blauner and inspired by the horrific murders committed by The Manson Family aired last night on NBC.

“Law & Order: Los Angeles” is becoming one of the most interesting shows on television since it first premiered thanks to it fresh take well .. on crime. In the newest episode, we get to watch Terrence Howard take up his first case since joining the cast. His character, Deputy District Attorney Joe Dekker finds that the line between victim and suspect may not always be what you think it is.

Howard has said that his character will remain on the verge of being fired for constantly trying to do the right thing and ignoring the demands of officials around him. The newest episode, titled “Echo Park” will be one of the most interesting episodes of the season.

A murderous cult member is stabbed to death, and the police trace the clues to one of the cultists former victims. Now the question becomes; was the individual justified in stabling the cult member for what they had done to them before? This is the type of issue that Howard’s character tackled when he is assigned to a case.

We watched Howard as he went through a dilemma fight for the victim who was wrongly convicted of burning her children alive, even though she is guilty of stabling the cult member that previously attacked and raped her in prison several times.

Howard was reportedly reluctant to take the role, but after talking with a number of “Law & Order” actors and executives, he saw the vision that they were trying to craft and got on board with the idea. It will be interesting to see how they utilize his character from here on out.But truth be told- he was not a very convincing lawyer handling this very emotional case.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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