Law and Order: SVU Season 12 Episode 4: Watch Merchandise Online S12E04

Law and Order: SVU Season 12 Episode 4: Watch Merchandise Online S12E04 – “Law and Order: SVU” season 12 episode 4 called “Merchandise” which was directed by Peter Leto and written by Judith McCreary on NBC.

“Law and Order: SVU” may be in their 12th season, but all we can see is that means that they know how to intelligently craft a storyline for each episode. In the newest episode, which is titled “Merchandise,” we learn that a 15 year old girl is hit by a driver and is killed. Our characters are surprised when the death is ruled a homicide. Dr. Melinda warner states that she said that she found signs that the girl was shoved in front of the car, and also found signs that she had been starved and had recently given birth.

As they look deeper into the case, they discover a number of very startling clues. Detective Odafin Tutuola and Dr. George Huang find that the girl had been a part of a human trafficking ring. Some of the cast thinks that they should pass the case off to the FBI, while others see it as an opportunity for them to break the entire ring wide open.

They reach out to the Assistant Us Attorney, Christine Danielson (who is played by guest star Gloria Reuben), who has been promoted several teams since we last saw her. As they attempt to track the human trafficking ring and those involved in the death of the 15 year old girl, we are given a lot of insight into the world of human trafficking and just how damaging it can be on the lives of young people.

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