Law And Order Cancelled? Law & Order Replaced By Conan O’Brien TV Series?

Law And Order Cancelled? Law & Order Replaced By Conan O’Brien TV Series? – A recent report stated that NBC is considering canceling the longest running drama currently on TV, Law and Order. There has been no official announcement made as to why the network is considering canceling the series, but it is likely because the show has failed to draw in viewers in recent years. In even stranger news, a series that will be executive produced by Conan O’Brien is looking as if it may have a real shot at landing on NBC during the mid-season spot on next year’s schedule. broke the news regarding the cancellation of Law and Order after 20 seasons. NBC has declined to comment on the report. In its 20th season, Law & Order ties Gunsmoke for the longest running drama in the history of TV. NBC Entertainment president Angela Bromstad had said earlier in the year that she did not want to be the one who had to cancel the show, but due to poor ratings that may end up being the case.
SVU, however, will likely be returning next season. “Law & Order:Los Angeles,” a west coast version of the show is also in the works and will likely appear sometime in 2010 or 2011 as well. also reported that NBC is taking a serious look at “Garza,” which is a show produced by Conan O’Brien’s company Conaco, the show will reportedly star Jimmy Smits as a Supreme Court justice who gives up his seat to return to private practice.

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