Lara Logan Sexual Assault Details Start Surfacing

More details about the assault on reporter Lara Logan have come to light.

Logan was in Egypt covering the political demonstrations there that led to the resignation of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak and his cabinet when a crowd viciously beat and sexually assaulted her.

Apparently the crowd beat up Logan after pulling her away from her TV crew and where they then stripped her and beat her for up to half an hour. The wounds she displayed were first thought of as bite marks but were indeed pinch marks. She was beaten by flag poles and fists.

Logan’s crew was also assaulted suffering injuries as well.

The crowd of 200 apparently thought that Logan and her crew were foreign spies and Israeli spies and they shouted “Spy!” and “Israeli” when they surrounded the reporter and crew at 1 a.m. At Tahrir Square.

The reporter is recovering and may discuss her ordeal in the future. Logan was doing her coverage for the news show “60 Minutes” gathering footage to go with an interview of Wael Ghonim of Google who had set up the Facebook page attributed to aiding the revolution.

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